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The demand for good workplace learning is increasing. According to a recent global survey, 94% of employees stated that they would commit to staying in their organization longer if it invested in their professional development. Moreover more than 87% of top management believe that investing in their employees' professional development is important to their company's growth. 

Performance management and productivity is the key to success in future and people with proper vision and goals will emerge winners in this survival for the fittest game. To help in this process, you can find us in different cities across India with standardized, as well as customized training programs to help you in all stages of development. At Infidea, you can drive home the benefit of cutting-edge research-based program development, learning and assessment strategies relevant to the current business environment and a simple training delivery system which would help in priming your people with a high-performance mindset, as a foundation to your success journey.

Accelerate the development of your workforce abilities with customized training solutions as well as online courses that are designed to enhance each learner's engagement and long -term learning advantages. Our learning platform delivers on-demand e-Learning solutions that would  enable your employees to expand their knowledge and their capabilities to close knowledge gaps and drive measurable outcomes in your organization.

What we offer?

  • Micro-Learning Courses that would help upskill learners at their pace and place
  • Highest quality, outcome focused content to upskill your employees
  • Man-hour productivity is maintained as employees  are not engaged for the full day.
  • Easy monitoring of employee progress report

Whether you are a team of 5 or 5000, we offer flexible solutions to deliver actionable and sustainable training for your team. We can assist you in developing long term learning benefits to develop a transformative culture of corporate learning.



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